Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Angel Complete!

McAuley Angel finally feels done. With a drift of flowers at her feet, shaft of sunlight falling behind her, and serendipitous halo that appeared in the background, begging to be highlighted with sequins, she is embellished to the hilt. The photos in no way capture the way the light plays off of the crystals, sequins, beads and glitter that adorn her. I like the hint of chaos in the darker sky, and the swirl of roses surrounding her. She goes on display tomorrow, and we'll see if the quilters think she needs anything more!

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Still working...

Not a lot new to report--making slow but steady progress on McAuley Angel, which once embellishing began has begged for just one more thing several times--Here's hoping this final bit will do it. I am adding sequins to an arc that is suggested by the values behind her--I'll post a photo when it gets done (if I like the sequins and don't pull them all off!)

The Deep Ones baby quilt is coming together as well. Here is a shot of the completed top, although the color is more true in the post below. Next step: construct a back from the left over fabrics, then quilt!
Meanwhile, I found the fabric I want to use for a feathered star quilt based on a Persian myth, Khorshid Khanoom. It is the Hoffman challenge fabric from 2007. Once I realized it was out of print, I searched online and sent for the few yards I found. I am thinking to place her face in the center of the star--maybe something zodiac around the border. Still in the thinking phase. As is another quilt based on a photo taken in DC. Never enough TIME!!

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