Sunday, November 20, 2011

Photo from the Show

File Under Fiber's blog post from Nov. 6 includes a photo of Mom and Auntie Jean play Gin at the Nashua, NH show, A Quilter's Gathering. The quilt took second in the category, "Reflection of Theme." What theme? Sisterhood Swirls. I was talking to Mom yesterday and she said she and Jean had played the same game since way back when our families used to vacation together at the Caspian. Although she said is wasn't really Gin Rummy, they called it Crazy Rummy. Go figure. Got some great comments from the judges as well. "Fascinating to explore this beautiful piece: and "So much attention to detail is appreciated" were two comments that made me happy. Hope to hang this one back up in Mom's apartment before long.  

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

News from New Hampshire!

A friend just called to say that her sister went to The Quilter's Gathering show in New Hampshire this weekend and 'Mom and Aunti Jean play Gin' had a ribbon attached! Very awesome. She says I won "Best interpretation of the theme" which was Sisterhood Swirls. Can't wait to get the 'official' notification. I had two quilts in the show, this one and 'Bali Bloom', the big pink flower with beading. You can see it in the slideshow on my sidebar. Made my week!
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