Thursday, September 27, 2012

Round Robin

Have you ever done a round robin exchange? I have not, so this year I was challenged to join our guild's Round Robin Border Exchange. I made a center block--see photos--and will hand it off to another quilter to add a border. That quilter passes it on to someone else until there are 3 borders added, then it will come back to me. Meanwhile, I will work on 3 other quilts, adding a border to each. Confusing? You should see the schematic for passing quilts! But I am assured it all works and it is fun and challenging. I am concerned that my block may be too detailed--I've seen appliqued center blocks before but not like mine, and that it might be too thick. In order to secure all the tiny scraps on this block, I thread painted the whole thing to the muslin backing. On a positive note, it has been fun so far--I had a great time making this block, and it gave me a chance to try out Susan Carlson's collage technique. Plus I really like how it came out, so it will be fun to see it in May when it has border 1, border 2, and border 3 added on! Can't wait to see the block I will be adding a first border to--I'll be getting it Monday!

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