Friday, April 27, 2012

Contest at Quilt Gallery

Just submitted a quilt to the Weekly Theme Contest at Quilting Gallery. It's a super fun way to post quilt photos, as long as you have something that fits the week's theme! Last time I entered I won two patterns from an English quilt store. How about that! So head on over and VOTE for your favorite quilt. Mine is Scarlet Macao, Ara Macao.

Scarlet Macaw, Ara Macao Rana O'Connor 2012
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Monday, April 23, 2012

Prizes Prizes Everywhere

I had quite a day at the Calico Quilter's Quilt Show on Saturday! I volunteered from 10:00 to 2:00 and had fun selling raffle tickets and at the admissions table. The spacious entry hall at Rowe School is beautifully designed. The show, hung in the gymnasium, was a great success. Over 100 quilts on display, from precise miniatures to breathtaking antiques. We had a raffle alley, where you could take a chance on a variety of bags and pillows, and a viewer's choice ballot, pick your favorite three quilts. I treated myself to a tool for setting crystals on fabric from one of the vendors--no more tweezers and glue for me! Later that evening my phone rang--my quilt, "Mom and Aunti Jean Play Gin" won viewer's choice! That was exciting, especially as Mom was sitting right there to hear the news with me--she jumped up out of her chair and if you knew Mom, you'd know that's something! To top it off, my phone rang again a bit later--I had won both a bag and a pillow at the raffle alley. Prizes everywhere! Really inspired me to take that next step on my art quilt challenge, "Postcards from Away." Wonder if I'll find room for some crystals on it? Here's Mom and Aunti Jean, again. They sure are having fun touring the quilt world.

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