Monday, September 15, 2014

Maine Fiber Arts at USM

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If you are in the area, stop in to see Maine Fiber Arts' current exhibit at USM's Glickman Family Library, open every day, now through December 19. I am walking on air.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Chairs on Parade!

Class sample Picture This!
We had such a good time in Trenton at Sewing by the Sea! The class was called 'Picture This!' and the goal was to learn how to transform a photograph into a quilted wall hanging. For class, I used two of my photos from Friendship, Maine to create a pattern, and used that pattern to teach various techniques such as creating elements from the photo, working with shadows and reflections, and creating trees.

We created the boat in a traditional raw-edge applique manner; make a pattern, cut it apart and fuse to fabric, then reassemble as a single, portable element. We moved on to chairs which use a layered applique technique suitable to creating shadows and highlights on an object. As the chairs began taking shape we all got pretty excited and started pinning them to the bulletin board. Check out the chair parade! Finally we spent time learning my favorite technique for making trees--creating a negative space pattern, using batik and other bits of fabric, and tulle. So very cool.
March of the Chairs
The photo below shows one student's piece with the various elements fused in place. All that's left is to add some thread paint, layer with batting and backing and quilt. Next up? Peruse vacation photos for images and create their own, personal piece of quilted art. Nothing quite like a couple of days immersed in fabric, thread and fusible web!
Student work in progress