Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Here are the other two completed projects. The fairy is a present for a friend who has gifted me with fairy-themed calendars every year. Still looking for a day when I can meet up and give it to her! Sequins add a touch of sparkle to the background. The other piece, Circular Convergence, is from a pattern handed out at our guild, along with one of the 4 fabrics needed to complete the pattern. The style of quilt is called convergence quilts, created by Ricky Tims. I had thought to go all neutrals when I got the brown fabric, but somehow I ended up with the red and yellow--they just seemed to invite themselves. I quite liked quilting the big, interlocking circles and pretty feathers on the border. I would say this is my most successful feather quilting to date. No new projects on the design wall--must change that!

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bits and Pieces

Been finishing up a number of projects this month. Once I got the sample and tutorial for class done, I wanted to make up one more sample for a magazine submission. Then there was this idea for a 'very late' present for a friend, and finally one of the two guild challenges I signed on to do this year. That almost clears the decks! Still waiting is the second challenge (due in June) and a piece that I started soon after returning from Hawaii. I'd love to have that one done for June as well, but it will take whatever time it takes. I have a few pictures to post. I'll start with 'Dark Wood', a sample I created for my article submission. Don't know if the article is accepted yet, but I have the samples done! Here is a full shot and close up. Very fun technique that I hope to teach/demo/write about. Love the glittery tulle shadow!

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Stacked Coins Tutorial, Part 2

When we left off, you had 3 columns of stacked coins completed. Time to create the sashing. Cut strips from your background fabric. Cut 2 strips 5” by width of fabric (42”) and 2 strips 6 ½” by width of fabric. Lay out the quilt top: Wide sashing strip, stacked coin column, narrow sashing strip, stacked coins, narrow sashing, stacked coins, wide sashing. See completed quilt, below, for layout.

Sew strips together. Make pairs of coins and sashing, sew with coins on top. Press seams toward sashing. You will have one extra sashing strip. Sew paired strips together, then add the final sashing strip. Press seams toward sashing. Square up the top if needed. 

Trim selvages from backing fabric. Piece if desired. Leftover charms make a nice row to piece into the back. Press back flat. Layer backing, batting and quilt top, baste with spray or pins. Your quilt is ready for quilting! 

I quilted in the ditch between the sashing and stacked coins, using a walking foot. I continued adding straight lines in the sashing, marking the lines with chalk. Then I switched to a free motion foot and sewed wavy rows across the stacked coin columns. Minimally, quilt as closely as your batting package recommends.
Once the quilting is done, it’s time to bind the quilt. Cut your binding fabric into strips 2 ¼” wide by width of fabric. Piece the strips together, to make one continuous length at least 15” longer than the quilt’s perimeter. This quilt needs about 170” of binding. Fold in half lengthwise with wrong sides together, pressing as you go, to make a strip that is 1 ⅛” wide. Stitch to quilt, matching raw edges and mitering corners. Finish tails with a diagonal seam. Trim backing and batting ½” away from the seam. This will give you the ¼” seam plus about ¼” of backing/batting to fill the binding. Press binding away from quilt. Turn folded edge to quilt back and stitch by hand. Try not to let stitches show on the front.
Make a label with your name, date, location and any other information you would like. Labels can be plain or fancy, using a fabric marker, embroidered, printed on prepared fabric, painted, or stamped. Sew securely to back of quilt. Show off your new quilt!

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