Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Here are the other two completed projects. The fairy is a present for a friend who has gifted me with fairy-themed calendars every year. Still looking for a day when I can meet up and give it to her! Sequins add a touch of sparkle to the background. The other piece, Circular Convergence, is from a pattern handed out at our guild, along with one of the 4 fabrics needed to complete the pattern. The style of quilt is called convergence quilts, created by Ricky Tims. I had thought to go all neutrals when I got the brown fabric, but somehow I ended up with the red and yellow--they just seemed to invite themselves. I quite liked quilting the big, interlocking circles and pretty feathers on the border. I would say this is my most successful feather quilting to date. No new projects on the design wall--must change that!

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