Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bits and Pieces

Been finishing up a number of projects this month. Once I got the sample and tutorial for class done, I wanted to make up one more sample for a magazine submission. Then there was this idea for a 'very late' present for a friend, and finally one of the two guild challenges I signed on to do this year. That almost clears the decks! Still waiting is the second challenge (due in June) and a piece that I started soon after returning from Hawaii. I'd love to have that one done for June as well, but it will take whatever time it takes. I have a few pictures to post. I'll start with 'Dark Wood', a sample I created for my article submission. Don't know if the article is accepted yet, but I have the samples done! Here is a full shot and close up. Very fun technique that I hope to teach/demo/write about. Love the glittery tulle shadow!

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  1. Wow Rana, this quilt is beautiful!! Your attention to detail is truly amazing.


  2. Happy New Year Rana! Beautiful tree--love the use of color and patterns in this and the glitter!! Very beautiful.

    1. Crystal! Hello! I'll send you a message by email or Facebook. Stephannie, I just saw your many messages--sorry I haven't responded--hope all is well. I do check on your blog as well periodically--nice shells.