Friday, July 19, 2013

In the Water

Honu (Hawaiian for sea turtle) has made it into the water. He has definitely moved at a "turtle's pace" since the image was drawn onto the background fabric at last year's Friendship retreat. I'll be back in Friendship this August and hope to bring Honu with me! Next steps to consider are thread paint (or not) trapunto (or not) and quilt--no choice on that, it has to be quilted or it will be too fragile to travel. I wonder how adding thread is going to change this piece? wonder how this temporary spray adhesive technique I came up with will hold up to the maneuvering needed for stitching?
For now, though, I am savoring the moment of finally pinning Honu in place on the background and enjoying seeing him swim.
Honu 46 x 36 Rana O'Connor

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