Sunday, July 12, 2009

Angel Quilt

The angel quilt is taking shape. Image outlined onto watercolor paper, painted with watercolors, printed onto fabric, painted with fabric paint, embellished with oil pastels and glitter. The technique is from a DVD we watched courtesy of Heather, called Stitch Imagery with Kelli Perkins. Lots of fun ideas. So now I have an angel element, time to figure out how to get her onto a quilt! Here's the statue which inspired this quilt.

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Let the beading begin!

Bali Bloom could have been complete, but it didn't feel quite done, so it is on with the beading! I have spent several evenings beading the center, and all the yellow anthers--almost done with that segment. My plan is to create a path of pink/purple/green beads along the edge of each petal, where it overlaps the next petal, and scatter the beads out into the background, bringing a little light to the dark green/brown background fabrics. I got some help today from a young visitor, who ably popped beads on my needle as I needed them. I could use a helper like that all the time! The pink/purple pathways are pretty ambitious, but I think it will add the sparkle I am looking for.

Meanwhile, I need to find some Bubble Jet Set so I can get to work on the angel quilt--starting from a photograph of the McAuley Angel (an angel statue in front of the Sisters of Mercy residence). I plan to paint, then print on fabric, and see where I go from there. The Bubble Jet Set is to prepare the fabric so I can print my painted angel directly onto the fabric. I am thinking of creating a background using the 'scraptures' technique I used for the floral bouquet quilts, (see post 2/19/09 Invitation!) then appliqueing the angel on top. No idea if it will work, but it will be fun to find out!

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