Monday, June 24, 2013


My morning walk took me through the woods today. After a rainy night, the air was saturated with water, misty and damp. Morning sun through the canopy of leaves produced this stunning image. It stopped me in my tracks as it was virtually the same effect, on land, as rays of sunshine seen underwater, and I have been obsessed with capturing the essence of being underwater lately. To walk slowly through the rays, observing how the shafts broke apart, spread out, pooled and puddled on the ground, for those few minutes when the elements came together perfectly, was pure magic.
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Monday, June 10, 2013

Center for Maine Craft Exhibit

Art Quilts Maine was offered the opportunity to exhibit at the Center for Maine Craft located in the service center off of the Maine Turnpike in West Gardiner. Eight artists contributed a total of 30 pieces. I promised to take photos when I went up to Augusta for the Art Quilts meeting, and here they are. The show looks super--such a lovely space. Amy's fabric bowls and vase are awesome additions, set on pedestals. If you are nearby anytime this month, be sure to stop by to stretch and check out the art!

AQM at the Center for Maine Craft
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Friday, June 7, 2013

Yes! Water!

After months of placing, pasting and rearranging, I tried a different technique for the water on my turtle quilt, Honu, and I am really liking it so far. Labor intensive but so worth the liquid feeling. Here's hoping the same technique will carry through to create rays of sunshine and the coral reef. Although I worked all afternoon--I even had help cutting fabric--I got just a narrow strip completed. I tried to get a photo, but it doesn't come through on camera yet, looks disjointed. You will just have to wait a bit. If the stars align I will get more done this weekend, and be able to get a photo that reflects what I am seeing develop. It's so exciting to be moving forward though that I wanted to give you a heads up! I generally don't advertise a particular product, but I  would not be getting through this project without 505 temporary spray adhesive. I love how I can spray the foundation, put pieces in place, move, rearrange, spray again, add more layers and when I am done, find the piece is not too sticky to manage. I worked on the dining table today, then held my breath and picked up the whole piece to transfer back to the design wall. It worked! When I have the background completely laid out, I will give it a final spray and cover with tulle. I found the glue dries quickly and cleanly so I'll be able to thread paint or quilt right over it. I have tried other glue products before and have found them either too messy or they dry and pieces can't be rearranged. On Dreams I literally tore the girl's hair out in order to rearrange a section! Swore then that I would find another technique. The only drawback I see is spraying a chemical into the studio. While 505 temporary adhesive has no offensive odor and claims to be non-toxic, I still might put a gas mask on my Christmas list

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Center for Maine Craft

Sunday, Alison Olds (of Art Quilts Maine) and I met at the Center for Maine Craft, located in the service plaza at the West Gardiner exit off the turnpike to hang a fabric art show in their great space. Nire Cook, the center director, had asked about having quilts exhibited for the month of June, and we were happy to oblige. Alison and I hung about 30 pieces, contributed by eight artists. They made for a colorful alcove in the Center's bright, airy show room, with a great variety of large and small wall hangings, pieces stretched on frames and a few free standing fabric bowls. I didn't snap a photo Sunday, but I'll be back that way next weekend and will take my camera along. Meanwhile, if you are headed up the turnpike anytime this June, be sure to plan a rest stop in West Gardiner for Starbucks and Quilts! The Center for Maine Craft is open daily from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, and features fine craft by Maine artisans, ranging from baskets to jewelry and, of course, art quilts!

Quilt gallery and quilts for sale at: Rana's Quilts