Friday, May 27, 2011

Deadline Looming

Working on a piece that is due next Saturday. I decided to join a challenge, knowing it would put me under a deadline and that I would stress about getting it done in time. The top is complete, though. With the quilting left to do, I may have a shot. Especially if I don't get too detailed with the quilting. Can't reveal much until after we show them to the group, but I can say it is a quilt based on my favorite children's book, "A Secret Garden." The design process was really fun. I made a list of items, phrases, images from the book, then narrowed the list down to 5--although now that it's done, I think I ended up with 7. It's a little cluttered, like an English country style living room. I had just enough beautiful green dupioni silk to complete the border. Photo to follow, soon!

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