Monday, February 18, 2013

Book Review Monday

Once again I received a book to review for you! This e-book, titled Modern Quilt Patterns, couldn’t have found its way to me at a better time. Having just shoveled out of a record-breaking snowfall, seeing the cover of Modern Quilt Patterns with its light, bright, sherbet colored quilts just made me want to run out and buy some spring-colored fabrics and start sewing! I was also intrigued because a Modern Quilt Guild chapter has recently sprung up in Maine. While I haven’t made it to a meeting yet, there has been plenty of discussion about just what IS a modern quilt anyway? In the introduction to this e-book Beth Hayes, Editor-in-chief for McCall’s Quilting,  defines Modern Quilts as “notable for their minimalist aesthetic, use of bright, bold colors with large doses of white and other neutral solids, asymmetrical designs, and free-form piecing.” The book goes on to showcase three happy quilts, one of which, Lemon Squeezy, uses a strip-quilt-as-you-go technique. This is a technique I have been exploring for my class (see tutorial) so I was very interested to read how this particular quilt was constructed. Download this book. You may be sorely tempted, as I am, to pull out strips and scraps and begin quilting-as-you-go. Or perhaps the design possibilitres of half-square triangles will excite you, as in Rainbow Rhythm. Although the directions are based on fat quarters, the units begin with 5” squares, which got me thinking, what if you started with 4 or 5 charm packs? Finally, there’s Baubles and Beads, which relies on more traditional block piecing and white sashing. Pictured in spring greens, pinks and yellows, it would be perfect for a girl’s room. If it’s winter where you are, download this book and breathe in a little breath of spring!
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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sea Turtle

 The sea turtle is finally taking another step forward. Here are two flippers--just the background, on the left, and with scales added, on the right. The scales are held in place temporarily with spray glue, and will be covered with a layer of gold tulle--you can see the pins through the tulle. Eventually I will stitch through the tulle, around each scale, to hold it in place and delineate the scales even more. I think the colors are going to work great!

Quilt gallery and quilts for sale at: Photos