Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Floral Nine Patch

Sometimes it's fun to do something quick and easy. I can enjoy the colors and patterns without over thinking it. Having just finished my piece for this year's challenge (which is not revealed until June) I wanted just such a breather. I had several florals kicking around--mostly sunflowers in various sizes. I did not want to buy fabric for this piece, so I found a design that accommodated the fabrics I had on hand (although I did have to mix in a few bits--but that always adds interest, no?) I might have improv pieced, but I've always liked this pattern, with its simplicity showcasing the fabrics, and it seemed serendipitous that what I had could be made to fit the pattern requirements.The large red print has chickens in it--a piece of red fabric with small black chickens was the perfect tie-in. It is coming together quickly, though I've not thought about how to quilt it. I'm sure inspiration will strike by the time I finish stitching the top--perhaps you have an idea?