Monday, September 28, 2009

Quick update

Sarah Ann Smith's book is very nearly on the shelves! It is called 'Threadwork Unraveled'. I still don't know if "Postcard from Rajasthan" made it in or not, but either way, very cool. Meanwhile, a very quick update and a quick peak. We started a new group quilt at work--lots of fun techiques incorporated from things we have learned. It has to do with trees and I promise a photo when we get it done, but that's it for now! Meanwhile on the home front: McAuley Angel continues to collect embellishments--silk vines and the promise of beads to approximate the mounds of hydrangea surrounding her at this season, and the baby quilt, "Where the Deep Ones Are" a la 'Where the Wild Things Are' is beginning to take shape. Lots of stitching, not much writing!

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Finishing Up

I think we can call the Barbara Olson workshop quilt done as well. I went back (after completely quilting it) and added more purple vine quilting to the border, and quilted within the petals, mostly just on along the vein to make the trapunto pouf a bit more. Enough on that one!

McAuley Angel is ready for embellishing. I have some great silk vines and a few bead-y ideas. I do love the paint and glitter on her wings, but am still not sure about this one.

Finally, we went fabric shopping for a baby quilt for our friends who own a gaming shop/bookstore. Hubby drew up the design. The fish blocks are done. Time to get to work on the body. It is going to be a Wild Thing!

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bali Done

I am declaring Bali Bloom done. The comments shared last time I brought it in for discussion were excellent, and I spent a few more evenings with beads, which we know I just love (not!) but I do love the effect. Spot on comment about needing to splay out the beads as they fall onto the leaves. It really does feel complete. Don't you agree?

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