Monday, September 28, 2009

Quick update

Sarah Ann Smith's book is very nearly on the shelves! It is called 'Threadwork Unraveled'. I still don't know if "Postcard from Rajasthan" made it in or not, but either way, very cool. Meanwhile, a very quick update and a quick peak. We started a new group quilt at work--lots of fun techiques incorporated from things we have learned. It has to do with trees and I promise a photo when we get it done, but that's it for now! Meanwhile on the home front: McAuley Angel continues to collect embellishments--silk vines and the promise of beads to approximate the mounds of hydrangea surrounding her at this season, and the baby quilt, "Where the Deep Ones Are" a la 'Where the Wild Things Are' is beginning to take shape. Lots of stitching, not much writing!

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  1. Rana.... I am STILL waiting for the hard copy of the book, but when I last saw it your quilt was IN!!!!! WOOOHOOOO and thank you... I'll write as soon as I get the book in my hot hands... the box is en route from Kentucky and should be here sometime in the next 7 days...I hope! Cheers and thanks, Sarah