Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lady Sun

I don't know that this quilt will get done in time to bring to DC in March, but at least I am back to making some progress. Having decided to quilt zodiac symbols around the sun, I went in search of a series that I liked. The ones I chose are from an old children's book. Here is a practice piece, trying out different threads and getting the hang of quilting the motifs. My process is to print the motif on tracing paper, glue the paper to the quilt sandwich with a spritz of spray glue, then free motion stitch over the lines. The worst part is getting all the bits of tracing paper out of the stitching. Here is a shot of the quilt center with Khorshid Khanoom in the center. She is very nearly done--painted and beaded. She will be the final addition to the quilt--along with a scatter of glittery crystals.

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