Saturday, March 6, 2010

Quitled Motifs

Seems I missed posting a shot of the zodiac motifs. Here is Sagittarius--I will be adding crystals in the constellation positions as a final touch. The quilting is done--I can't find anything more to quilt! Feathers filled in open space as did some echo quilting. While I mostly used matching thread for texture and background, allowing the motifs to take center stage, I did go back and quilt over the petals/flames in each corner of the motif blocks with gold thread to match the center. They were lost once the whole background got quilted in. Take a look at the binding--a small flange of hot pink will peek out of floral binding using the star fabric . I have to thank Heather for her unerring eye and good ideas. I haven't been happy with the color of most of the pictures of this quilt --in artificial lighting it has been photographing more gray than in life. Any ideas? Except take it outside since it is pouring rain?

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