Saturday, September 10, 2011

Three Wishes

I took a class this summer with a quilter I have long admired, Katie Pasquini Masopust, called Ghost Layers and Colorwashes. We worked on a practice piece, learning to draw the elements, then add floating 'ghost' layers and set brush strokes of colorwash behind the piece. We also brought in photos and began drawing the pattern for a quilt of our own based on the techniques learned in class. I finally finished the practice piece. It's called "Three Wishes" and has three leafy shapes floating on the purple and yellow strokes of color. Katie PM gave each of us a piece of wool batting to use with our practice pieces. I had never quilted with wool batting before. It has some great qualities--very light, and the quilting shows because any areas not quilted down kind of puff up. I totally did not expect the thread-painted leaves to be quite so puffy--my usual batts would not have created such pillow-like effects! The brush strokes of color seemed to need some connection to the quilt so I added a few beads. Next stop: finish my pattern and get started on a bigger piece using this technique--I am thinking of calling it "Lightning Bug Light". You'll see.

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