Friday, February 20, 2009


Sunday I'll be teaching a workshop for our quilting group. We're several friends who work together and enjoy quilting. We meet to teach each other techniques or make group quilts as gifts. I'll be walking the group through making free standing butterflies that can be secured to your art quilt. Not so good for a quilt that goes through the wash much, though!

I took a class with Christine Fries Ureel last summer, and she demonstrated this technique. Here is one butterfly I made in class.

Isn't it great? It was stitched in a hoop: 2 layers of fabric, wrong sides together, topped with a piece of heavy washaway stabilizer on which you draw the butterfly. Satin stitch around the outline, decorate the wings to your heart's content with your sparkliest, brightest, shiniest threads. Trim close to the satin stitching, rinse away stabilizer and attach to quilt through the body. Very pretty!

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