Friday, October 19, 2012

At the Art Show

Vase, Scarlet Macaw Ara Macao,
and Being Alive is the Magic
Last night's Artist Reception at the Yarmouth Art Show was great fun. So well attended that the aisles were nearly impassable, it was great fun to run into people I knew and strike up conversations with other artists. I forgot my camera, but my friend Anne turned up with hers.  The fiber art--there were only two fiber artists there--really stood out from the paintings and photography. I wish I had brought a camera and taken pictures of the striking hand made paper bird collages by Dot Starkweather, but you can follow the link!

Quilt gallery and quilts for sale at:


  1. ohhh this is exciting! I'm in my own fiber art show right now running at a local gallery - its so energizing isn't it? I blogged it out too!

  2. Nice blog--it is great to see fiber art take its place alongside traditional art--reading your blog I see you also dip back into traditional quilting now and again--hope to see your basket quilt progress.