Monday, January 20, 2014


Every once in a while I get a commission to make a quilt for someone. Usually a friend, usually a baby quilt or a gift for someone special in their lives. This is a commission for a friend to give her friend as a parting gift. Her image was something that evoked Maine's beaches and the ocean where her friend likes to walk her dog. We met and chose fabrics with a distinctly Maine, not Caribbean, blue theme and a sandy background. I added a dozen fabrics to the 18 we chose together. She didn't want a complicated wall hanging, more a piece that could be snuggled in and used. A simple pattern with a graphic punch stood out from the rest and I set to work. The quilting is not finished, but enough for a sneak peak. The curves and swirls in the blue patches, done with a variegated blue thread, softens the lines and blends the colors. Just for fun I quilted footprints and dog prints in the background sand. I had planned on sand colored thread but realized you could not make out the prints, so went with a double layer of purple. Purple! Yes, purple. Do you think it works? I think I will add more quilting to that part before it is done, maybe background quilting using the sand colored thread. No border. I'll post the finished quilt when I get it done. Hope she likes it! This Saturday is Free-Motion Quilting class at Sew Portland if I have enough people signed up for it. Hope so--it is such a fun class to teach!

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