Monday, March 30, 2009

Travelling Quilt

"Postcard from Rajasthan" the quilt mentioned in the March 7 post, is on its way to Deer Isle today! Here's hoping the horse and his handler are well received and maybe even find a buyer. No word yet on whether any of the floral quilts sold, but CA Hecker, gallery owner, did say if any artist wanted to leave small pieces at the Small Works gallery for a time, that would be OK, so I have inquired about that option.

Sunday, a group met for a workshop on adding hand stitching to quilted pieces--mixing in embroidery stitches, rather than hand quilting. The results are big, meant to be seen, stitches in a variety of styles and colors. Very striking, but very slow going. Always good to have another tool in the embellishment tool kit.

"Giraffes" met "Gorillas" and both have returned to their permanent home in Amsterdam, NY. They make a nice pair, although they should not be displayed quite so side by side!

Meanwhile, I am making progress on "Bali Bloom." Redid the background leaves to be somewhat lighter around the top, and fused everything in place. Next comes thread painting, which I have not done on this scale before and am excited to try out.

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