Monday, March 9, 2009


Carolyn Hecker, the gallery owner at Pearson Legacy Gallery in Deer Isle, where the flower quilts will be exhibited (starting tomorrow!) included me in the prospectus for her next exhibit, 'Portraits' (of people, not animals.) The only portrait quilt I have is of an Indian man and his Mawari horse. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I sent off a couple of photos of the quilt (Postcard from Rajasthan, left) to see if it would fit the theme. She wrote back that the piece would be just fine. Yippee!

She went on to describe a visit to India in which the Raj at the place she stayed had Mawari horses and that she had pictures of one of his favorite steeds and is a big horse lover, herself. Small world, isn't it?

Finally, she mentioned that the flower pieces are already gathering kudos even before the show is hung, and am I sure about the prices as they are very modest! Of course, my goal is just to see them sell at this point, but most exciting to hear they are being well received.
"Postcard from Rajasthan" was modelled on a photo taken by Henry Dallal and used with his permission.

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