Friday, August 28, 2009

Projects in Process

One more row of beads to add and THEN I think Bali Bloom will be done. Or at least ready for another round of commentary. The extra beads have added a lot--you'll see.
Meanwhile, the flower started in Barbara Olson's class is appliqued to a background, fabric from behind the flower trimmed away, polyester batting added just behind the petals, stitched using a technique I learned watching a Patsy Thompson YouTube video. The plan is to layer the whole with batting then quilt like a madwoman all over the dark blue background. In several colors.
All this has been a distraction from McAuley Angel, which is waiting to be threadpainted, trapuntoed, attached to the background, then embellished. I'm using what I learn from working on Barbara Olson's flower to help me think through finishing the angel. So it's all interwoven.
I will take pictures and post them very soon. It's been a busy month!

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