Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bali Done

Bali Bloom is finished! Or at least I think it is. I have it ready to take to the office tomorrow and see how it looks on display--and whether others concur that it is complete. Beaded several weeks while hanging out with my father-in-law watching the Red Sox on TV. What do you think? Is it done yet? Click on the photo to see a larger picture. The beading actually looks subtle in this shot!

Several of us met up for a quick trip to the Lowell Quilt Festival. We spent Thursday at a wonderfully fun workshop with Barbara Olson.We worked on flowers using very wild, vivid colors and patterns and learned design principals and an applique technique involving glue (which I am not at all fond of. In fact, in order to finish my piece I think I will need to figure out a different technique!)
But we had such a great time together and saw oh so many beautiful, take your breath away quilts.

Quilt gallery and quilts for sale at:

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  1. These quilts are original in design and beautiful. They are not like the ones we are used to and that is what makes them inspiring.
    Mo Ghajar

    Lots of success,