Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sewing with Mom

I promised photos, so here are a few. All works are still in progess, but progress is being made! Mom came up from DC this week, so I took a few days off work and beaded or sewed while visiting.
Bali Bloom is where I left it, waiting for one last row of beads (again). The workshop flower is ready for quilting--I have marked big chalk leaves behind the flower and plan to start quilting those, then see where to go. (you can see the chalk marks if you click the photo.) I've got bright green and turquoise thread out to use for quilting on that dark blue/black fabric. It is not really my style, but an opportunity to practice, and I am determined to get a trapunto effect out of something! Here I trapuntoed the petals, so let's see if the magic happens. Meanwhile, McAuley Angel waits for me. The last time I walked by the statue on Stevens Ave, she was virtually hidden by the bushes surrounding her--I thought they were roses but they are actually a white-flowered bush that looks like Hydrangea.

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