Friday, May 10, 2013


Round Robin with all its borders
You may remember I participated in a Round Robin Border Exchange at my guild chapter this year. It was fun, receiving quilts and improvising a new border for each one. We each submitted a center block. The quilts were passed four times, so each returned with four borders. The reveal was in April and they were quite stunning! Many oohs and aahs as each quilt was displayed and participants discussed their additions. Well, I am in a second guild chapter, Art Quilts Maine, and we also have a challenge. The challenge title is "By These Words." We are to be inspired by a quote, poem, idiom, etc. I had hoped when I got the Round Robin back, I could finish and submit it for "By These Words". Except for one small detail. "By These Words" has a size restriction of exactly 100" in perimeter. When I got my piece back, it had fabulous borders, contributed by Ronnie Eaton--a wood-grained frame for the forest-like center; Heather Lahti--who painted her pale green batik fabric with metallic swirls before appliqueing symbols; Lise Wilson, free form curves enhanced with thread paint; and Sandy Dione who created twisted pleats with great texture on a dark blue frame. I loved it! Then I measured it. About 150"! So, determined to use it for the Art Quilts challenge, I set about deconstructing it--taking borders off, moving them around, shrinking the piece until is measured 23" x 27", a perfect 100" in perimeter. Whew! Now to quilt and finish in time for the June reveal. For those of you who worry the Round Robin participants will be upset to see their borders altered--I shared my plan and was encouraged to experiment! Wondering what 'words' have been running around my head these many months? It's a Langston Hughes poem. All will be revealed in June, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, here is the deconstruction in progress!

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