Thursday, May 23, 2013

It's Not Water Yet!

I am at an impasse with my honu quilt. The turtle is great. I covered it with tulle so it can be lifted up as a separate element and put to the side, which is also good. The background, though. The water. It has stymied me for months! I've bought lots of blues/greens. Pulled out every blue in my stash and scraps. Cut strips, irregular shapes, small bits. Ever get to a place where you can't seem to make progress? My next thought is to pull the piece off the design wall and try working on it, section by section, on a table. At least that would alleviate the fatigue of having my arms up all the time, placing and rearranging fabrics. And I want to try using very small bits of fabric--it feels too jumpy with the wide strips and large shapes. I know I will resolve this--I always figure a way out of my self-made dilemmas. On the bright side, Linda M and I will be teaching a new class, starting May 31 at Sew Portland! It's our class on color and design--I totally love the variety of designs that flow from a stack of half square triangles.

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