Sunday, March 17, 2013

Honu in process

Honu in process
Worked on Honu today, adding much of the shell. Not sure it is done yet--but getting close. Loved the technique of spraying temporary glue on the background and layering on the fabrics--the only glue option I have felt OK using so far. Once I am settled with the shell, I plan to move on to free-form ocean for the background, in shades of aqua, blue and bits of bright colors. I am wondering if I should layer tulle over the turtle before jumping into the background as a way to protect all the little bits while I work around it. I think I need to head to a fabric store with some of the fabrics in hand to audition various tulles sooner rather than later, as once the tulle is in place, I am committed to the fabric choices beneath it. Does honu look ready to swim?
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Honu with re-worked shell

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