Friday, May 1, 2009

Nothing new on the home quilting front, but wanted to update you on the quilters' group. We finished and presented a quilt to a co-worker in honor of her marriage and blended family--we used a flip-and-sew technique on the 'roses' to create a Family Bouquet, with photos in the center of several roses.

We meet this week to start Art Bras--we'll be creating bras for auction in support of Breast Cancer. We have split into two teams and we plan to create "American Beauties" with silk rose petals and "Betty Boops" using the bra as a base for Betty's face. We'll see--if we get them done I'll post a photo. Meanwhile, click the link for a visual--much easier to see one than to explain it!

See more of my quilt photos at: webshots

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