Sunday, May 17, 2009


Two bits of news today. One, Bali Bloom (see April 26 post for a photo) is almost completely quilted, and the good news is the quilting seems to be helping it lay flat--I had worried about a 'wave' that seemed to have formed in the petals. I quilted the leaves and veins with various green and turquoise threads, and the background with brown thread, in a random quilting pattern. Thinking ahead now to embellishments and wondering if some beads or french knots might be in order around the center stamens.

The other great news is I sold a quilt to one of my co-workers! It is a piece I started in a class with Christine Fries-Uriel ( It is the piece with the butterfly, mentioned in the February 20 post. Here is a picture of the full quilted wallhanging, "Watch Over Me" with a fairy watching over a napping mouse. I love the curvy, irregular border, and the tree made of random strips of batiks.

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