Saturday, May 9, 2009

Postcard from Rajasthan

The horse quilt, Postcard fromRajasthan, returned from Deer Isle today. It was on display at the Pearson Legacy Gallery as part of a "Portraits" exhibit (the quilt got in for the guy, not the horse.) At any rate, thinking about what to do with it now--send it to Henry, who took the photo on which the quilt is based? Look for more exhibit opportunities? I think it will probably go back on the wall at the office, since there is enough space for it to hang there while I think about next steps. I'm sure I would be able to part with it if a buyer came along, which was not the case when I first completed it. But it has been on exhibit several places, won some ribbons and accolades, and it would be nice if this horse and handler found a home.

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